Discover the essence of
Kangaroo Island with us.

Founded in 2022 by Tim and Tamsin Wendt, initially as an exclusive service for guests staying at their luxury Kangaroo Island accommodation Oceanview Eco Villas, Kangaroo Island Touring Company quickly grew and now already stands at the forefront of regenerative travel in Australia. Our philosophy transcends mere sustainability; it is a commitment to actively rejuvenate and enrich the environment and local communities of Kangaroo Island. From our ethically sourced Patagonia uniforms to our major revegetation project in conjunction with the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board to create habitat for our endangered Glossy Black Cockatoos, we champion a holistic approach, integrating nature and community in every aspect of our tours.
At the heart of our ethos is the desire to showcase the island’s unparalleled beauty while preserving its ecological integrity. We are dedicated to setting a benchmark in eco-luxury touring, upholding our promise of luxury, personalised service, and steadfast environmental conservation. Join us in experiencing Kangaroo Island like never before, where your journey contributes to a greater purpose.


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